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Gear List

  • Yamaha baby grand piano
  • Avid Artist Control surface
  • Digidesign 003 rack
  • Yamaha HS8 powered Monitors
  • Yamaha NS-10 Studio Monitors
  • Universal Audio 6176Tube Mic Preamp and Compressor
  • Presonus Eureka Preamp and Compressor
  • Focusrite Platinum mic Preamp
  • Joe Meek Master Studio Channel
  • UAD 2 Powered Plugin package (featuring Neve EQ’s, Fairchild Compressors, Ampex tape simulation, Lexicon Reverb)
  • Rode K2
  • Rode NT5 x 2
  • Rode NT3 x 2
  • Joe Meek JM37
  • Shure SM58
  • Shure SM81-LC
  • Shure SM beta 57
  • Sennheiser MD421-11
  • AKG CHM-21
  • AKG D112-MK11
  • Audio Technica ES933C x 2
  • Audio Technica ES933C x 2

We have a Yamaha Baby Grand 

As with pianists, every piano has its own unique personality. The musicality of each instrument comes from a perfect harmony of time-honored, finely-honed craftsmanship and cutting edge production techniques that guarantee precision and accuracy. The passion and devotion of the many expert artisans involved in its crafting are distilled into the soul of the Yamaha baby grand piano.

A few pictures of our clients and location

River Recordings

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390 Comerong Island Road,

Terara NSW 2540

M: 0411 294 285