The Furry Animals have become a well-known fun party band that are in constant demand for all types of occasions. Although the line up has changed over the years, the heart and soul of the band has stayed the same. The eloquent sounds of these skilled musicians takes you on a musical roller coaster ride.

Brad Williams on guitar, provides the band with a driving life force and a flair for capturing the moment. Vocally singing up a storm, he engages the audience with the story that all good songs must tell.

The band prides itself on the ability to cater musically for all occasions. The proven formula of guitar and fiddle creates the perfect atmosphere, but this can be built on to suit your individual occasion with the inclusion of other instrumentalist’s e.g. Bass players, banjo players and drummers.

Without the restrictions of sequenced sounds, backing tracks or drum machines, this band stands alone musically. Brad can also provide a one man show if needed, again providing entertainment to suit your needs. If it’s Irish, country, contemporary or a good old fashioned bush dance, Brad has an extensive repertoire to keep you and your guests entertained for hours. They are a popular choice for weddings and private functions.

After twenty years of entertaining crowds in the Rocks at the old Hero of Waterloo, and so many more venues too numerous to mention, The Furry Animals as they’re strangely named, concentrate entirely on ensuring that the audience always enjoys the event. Playing an incredible diverse range of styles leaves you never knowing where the next request will take you. Brad with the help of other talented and accomplished musicians, takes you on a journey to places you’ve never been before and some places you love to go back to.

Their relaxed and nonchalant approach to delivering fine music is accompanied by their humorous and slightly quirky banter on stage. This will always ensure a comfortable and entertaining experience for any crowd. The heart felt passion in the music can be heard in every convincing lyric and tune these guys deliver. Make sure you catch the Furry Animals doing what they do best. Playing, singing, and having a whole lot of fun.

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